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About Us

Southern Maryland Bowfishing is a veteran-owned business that has been providing bowfishing trips for nearly a decade. We are committed to letting people in Southern Maryland and its surrounding areas experience a new kind of fun. We are licensed and insured to operate in Maryland and Virginia.


The People Behind the Business

Southern Maryland Bowfishing Is a Veteran and Family owned business.  We are a Husband and wife team that are fully licensed and insured, and committed to making every trip a safe and memorable one.  

What started out as a weekend hobby and family pass time, grew into a competitive team, and eventually turned into a company. For us, the excitement and passion for bow fishing is the same today as our first trip. We want our customers to experience 

what we experienced and still do.

Why Bowfish With Us? 

William Bates is a certified US Coast Guard boat captain. He is a former Marine and his experience on the water during his service inspired him to establish the business.

Our Mission Statement 

At Southern Maryland Bowfishing, our goal is to offer the best as well as the safest bowfishing experience.

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